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Shimmer Body Glitter ~ Roll-On
Well, it took some formulating, but we have decided to offer these roll-ons now vs the Shimmer Spray. The good news is that these little dears are so much more glitzy than the sprays. I was able to use slightly larger glitter particles in these instead of Mica Shimmer only. I have compared these hand made roll ons to the store brands. Well, I have to say with great excitement, these are so much better than you will found any where. These have so much more glitter and they are NOT gooey sticky!
~~~ We now have 6 beautiful colors to offer: Purple, Blue, Green, White, Gold, and Pink. One instruction ... You must Shake these very well before each use.
~~~ Whether for dance or romance, this is a Glitz of a treat. Makes a nice shimmering sparkle for your dance recitals. Teens, Tweens and even high school kids will enjoy this for their school dances. Wouldn't this be perfect for her Prom? Buy one or buy them all.

Glitter Roll-on (Single) $3.50
Glitter Roll-on (6 pack) $18.00

Body Glitter, Roll-On

Princess Dress Lip Gloss Compact ( 3" x 4" )
These Lip Gloss Dress Compacts are slightly smaller than the ones above. These are a brighter darker Pink and have a Lip Applicator Brush. These are also quite large (3" x 4"). Your little girls will be so happy with these. These are a compact, but when you open them, there is a Body shape that pivots and has two sides as well. So there are a total 4 large lip gloss palettes to choose from for your daily beauty routine. Enjoy!!

Princess Dress Lip Gloss $4.00

Princess Dress Lip Gloss Compact
[ Click Here ] to See Larger Photo

New Fun Shape Bottles are HERE !!
Here is another unique item. Shimmering Bath Caviar in a fun Shaped Bottles.
Each New Bottle is approx 6" tall holding approx 8oz.

These are now available in ANY COLOR of Bath Caviar Beads

Fill the tub with warm water, sprinkle some in the tub, then allow the beads to dissolve. These release a small amount of shimmer and light fragrance to your tub water.

New Fun Shape Bottles are HERE !!
To Purchase these new Fun Bath Caviar ... Bath Fun [Click Here]
The NEW Bottles are on this page ... Bath Fun [Click Here]
Princess Crown, Dinosaur: T-Rex, and Hearts
each approx 6" tall holding approx 8oz.

Princess, Crown, Bath, Beads, Caviar
Dinosaur, T-Rex, Bath, Beads, Caviar Heart, Bath, Beads, Caviar
Crown Caviar Color Choices

Teddy Bear Key Chain & Nail Polish
These little bears are so darling. Glitter Nail polish in a variety of sparkles. When the polish is gone, keep the bear and key ring.

Bear Polish $2.50

Bear Nail Polish

Princess Crown ~ Crystal Jewel Rings

My Little girl just adores these beautiful Princess Rings.
These are fully adjustable and have real sparkly jewels.
Jewelry that every girl must have.

Available styles: Purple Crystal or Pink Crystal

Princess Ring $2.50

Princess, Crown, Tiara, Ring, Jewelry, Jewels, Gems, Crystal

Butterfly ~ Crystal Jewel Rings

My Little girl just adores these beautiful Jewel Rings.
These are fully adjustable and have real sparkly jewels.

Available styles: Purple, Blue, Pink, Red

Butterfly Ring $2.50

Princess, Crown, Tiara, Ring, Jewelry, Jewels, Gems, Crystal

Silver Crystal Butterfly Necklaces

When Shopping for new Novelty Jewelry, I saw these. Oh, they are so pretty. They are actually a very nice quality. I should honestly start a Jewelry Page, because these are more than just play jewelry. These are very nice, but they are still Fashion Jewelry. The Chain for these is 16" inches long. It is some sort of smooth rope type chain (not sure what this type of chain is called). This is not real silver, but it is a plated metal of some sort. The Supplier does not say what it is. All I can say is very nice, very nice!

Available Crystal Colors: Purple, Blue, Pink, Clear

Butterfly Necklace $5.00

Princess, Crown, Tiara, Ring, Jewelry, Jewels, Gems, Crystal

Princess Stationery Set

When Shopping for new Novelty Items, I saw these Princess packs. I thought these would be cute as favors for a Princess Theme Party. I know my children, even at age 10 and 11, love erasers, pencils, and stickers for some reason. They are continuously whining for me to buy just these sorts of things.

Contained in the Set are:
(3) Small Erasers
(1) Pink Princess Pencil
(1) Sheet of Princess Stickers.

Princess Stationery $2.50

Princess, Crown, Tiara, Ring, Jewelry, Jewels, Gems, Crystal

Cell Phone Lip Gloss
Take a look at our New Multiple Color, Cell Phone Lip Gloss Compacts. I am sorry, These do not have a color choice option for you in a drop down menu. We will send what we feel is appropriate or in stock. They open like a cellular phone, the antenna is a lip gloss brush. The gloss goes on clear, so even boys like these.

Cell Phone Lip Gloss $2.50

Cell Phone, Lip Gloss, Compact, Lip Wand

Heart Trio Lip Gloss Compact - Homemade!!

Heart Lip Trio $3.50
Heart Trio Lip Gloss Compact Flavors: Butter Rum, Cheesecake, Cherry Cordial.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Petrolatum, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil,
Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Flavor, Vitamin E.
LOOKING FOR MORE Handmade LIP BALM ... LIP BALM [click here]

Lip Gloss, Compact, Heart Trio, Lip Balm, Handmade

Eye Shadow / Lip Gloss Compact

Little girls find these irresistible. Three Compacts to choose from.
Just the Perfect size for the Little Diva Party Favors.

Choices: Blues or Neutrals ... (Pink/Blue - Gone), (Purples - Gone)

Lip Eye Compact $2.50

Lip Gloss, Eye Shadow, Compact, Make Up

Lip Smoochies Lip Gloss

The little lip gloss bottles are so cute!, This Lip Shaped Gloss Bottle comes
with a Flocked Applicator. Sweet Flavored, Thick Shimmer Lip Gloss.

Flavors & Colors: Purple Grape, Blue Blueberry

Lip Smoochies $2.50

Blue, Liquid, Lip Gloss, Lip Bottle, Shimmer Gloss Purple, Liquid, Lip Gloss, Lip Bottle, Shimmer Gloss

Lip Gloss Lollipop
Cute, Sweet, Flavorful, Swirl, Curl, Loli, Sucker Gloss!

Flavors & Colors: Purple - Grape, Blue - Blueberry,
Pink - Strawberry, Orange - Orange, Yellow - Lemon

Lolli Pop Lip Gloss $1.50
Lolli Pop, Loli, Lolly, Lip Gloss, Swirl, Curl

NEW & Improved ~ NOW - Handmade & All Natural
Shimmer Body Powder

Well, my supply of the old Jars of shimmer has finally come to an end. I only have a few jars left, you can still purchase those below. The big news is, I have come up with, on my own, a way to make these exactly like the other ones. Only now I can say they are 100% All Natural and Handmade. I located the exact same size clear acrylic jar which are called a " 30 gram Sifter Jar ". The lids have a black rim, but have a clear window. The old ones had a silver rim. Also, this puff is not made of foam, nor does it have writing on the satin ribbon. These new ones have a REAL Cotton Flocked Powder Puff, with a Plain Satin Ribbon (shown in photo). I will be updating the photos as soon as I have a chance to make a few of these new ones.

Ingredients ~ NEW: Arrowroot Powder, Natural Mica, Extra Fine Cosmetic Grade Glitter, No Fragrance, ALL Ingredients 100% Natural.

This Mica Shimmer Powder is one of my daughters favorite items. My son used to play with it too (till he got a bit older), he had to be like sissy. These are excellent for girls of all ages, as well as, grown women. Even I like to use a little when going out dancing. These jars are just jam packed with tons of fine shimmer in your favorite color. I have even added the perfect amount of ultra fine glitter to make it pop. So, these new Shimmers are more Sparkly than the old versions, plus, many more colors! The sifter jar is the best feature, just shake it a little and a small amount will come into the sifter area. No worries about making a big mess, it will not all spill out if you drop the jar.

Old Shimmer Powder $4.00
New Shimmer Powder $7.00

Powder Jars
Shimmer Powder

Colors: Blue Ice (only 2 available) (Old Style)

! ~ NEW ~ ! Colors: Purple, Blue Ice, Pink, Green, Gold, Silver (NEW Style)

Body Jewels ~ Glitter Body Bling

These little darlings are similar to the tattoos, but they are actually stickers. Just peel and stick, no water needed. These are a variety of clear and colored rhinestones with mostly Large Gems. The area between the gems is the sticky part that is filled with opalescent Glitter. The jeweled Stickers will fit nicely on the shoulder or the cheek. You can stick them anywhere actually, how about your cell phone? or your computer? Have fun! Each pack contains one Sticker. They vary in size from 1.5" to 2 inches.

Jewel Bling (6 pack) $7.00

Body Jewelry, Glitter Bling, Stickers

Little Pony Temporary Tattoos

These are so cute, just had to get some. Little Girls go crazy with Tattoos. They are approx 1.5" to 2 inches.

Pony Tattoos (6 pack) $2.00

Temporary, Tattoos, My Little Pony, Ponies, Little Girls

Fun Glycerin Soaps for Everyone

Just wanted to put these links here so everyone knows that I have all these cute fun soaps. Click the photo below to go to the Soap Page you desire

MORE Handmade Glycerine Soaps ... Main Soap Page [click here]

Fun Shapes
Froggie Frog Soap with Soap Dish

Novelty Page

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